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We are a congregation committed to the establishment of a place and presence in which to worship God, proclaim his kingdom, and make known the love of God in Christ Jesus through the guidance of the 

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The Rev. Bryce Sangster



On Sunday November 6th, 2016 during our Remembrance Day Service a presentation by The Consul General of the French Government, Mr. Marc Trouyet to appoint Mr. William Peter Neale to the rank of Knight of the French National Order of the Legion of Honour was made. Parts of his speech follow, a complete version is available by requesting through the Editor.


It is a real pleasure for me to be given the opportunity to present an award to you William Peter Neale today.


French National Order of the Legion of Honour, Mr. William Peter Neale



As we get older and have more and more responsibilities, the celebration days can become just another obligation to fulfill.  Thanksgiving may mean preparing a big meal for family or travelling to or through the big city again.  In the church, taking the time and energy to decorate the church, and thus giving up, valuable Saturday morning time.


The busyness of our lives and with the extra pressure, we can forget the reason for thanksgiving is to give thanks for all the good we have, and move farther and farther from the joys and wonders we experienced as a child.  Maybe we have more to give thanks for than we realize, and have the time or energy to ponder.


Historically, Thanksgiving was obviously about the harvest, and giving thanks for having enough food for the winter, and as an extension, an awareness of environmental issues. But maybe there is more to Thanksgiving.


You are my Beloved in whom I am well pleased.” Matthew 3:17

Maybe it is hard to believe the proclamation made to Jesus at his baptism applies also to all of us.


We spend so much of our lives trying to fix and deal with the glass half empty parts of our lives that we never seem to dare to take the time to give thanks for the glass half full parts of our lives.

From the Rector's Study

A Cow for Africa                                                             by: Joan Lane    

While reading the October edition of The Anglican, I came to the page outlining the Gifts for Mission.


In our family we are still in the tangible gift mode with the exception of Dave's brother who volunteers at Ronald McDonald House in Toronto and requests all gifts be donated to that charity.


Nevertheless there is such need in our world. I read all the accompanied information and, for whatever reason, the cow for an African farmer struck a note with me. The funds are transmitted via Faithworks - PWRDF working with Community Partners on the ground.


When I talked to Dave he indicated our outreach budget couldn't be stretched that far, so I thought I might test the biblical passage that encourages us to cast our bread upon the waters.


Perhaps, I thought, there might be some folks who would like to share in a Christmas outreach blessing. The cost of a cow is $140.  If 14 of us donate $10 each, voila! - one cow. If 28 people donating $10 - two cows!  And what is even better than one. Global Affairs Canada (that's you and me too) will match our donation 3, 4 or 6 times. Talk about a bonus!


I have talked to the Christ Church Envelope secretary and Christ Church parishioners who wish to become involved can donate through their Givings Envelope. Make your special donation as follows PWRDF - Cow.  Suzanne will isolate those funds for recording purposes. My brothers and sisters at St. James and St. George should speak to their respective Envelope Secretaries on how to proceed.  After Christmas we can decide how to pool the donations on behalf of the Parish of Campbellford, Hastings & Roseneath to send to the Primate's World Relief and Development Fund. If the idea of a cow for an African farmer does not appeal to you, may I suggest you peruse the relevant section of the Anglican. There are many opportunities to reach out in love and share the life giving hope and joy of Christmas.


May the blessing of Christmas bestowed on us from God above fill your heart and home this joyous season and always.



An Eye Opening Week 

by: Richard O'Conor-Fenton



For the past two years I have been attending a Conference called Fruit for Souls in Kingston, Ontario put on by the Diocese of Ontario Lay Readers, Association.


The conference starts early on a Tuesday morning and keeps going each day, until at least 8 o’clock at night, except Friday. They always have a featured speaker who puts on a program for the first half of each day and two or three other speakers who help address programs, which we as Lay Readers must address, or take, to earn or keep our Lay Readers’ accreditation.


This year’s featured Speaker was our National Indigenous Anglican Bishop Mark MacDonald. He is Bishop to the First Nations, The Inuit and the Metis Peoples.



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