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From the Rector's Study

Rev. Bryce Sangster


The second was a service for healing, with the laying on of hands as intercessions for the world around us, as well as prayers for healing for us as individuals.


Our care extended beyond the human realm to animals with a blessing of the pets service the Sunday afternoon close to St. Francis Day.   We had 10 dogs and 2 cats and a rabbit.  All were very well behaved.


We also continue to have Bible Study on Thursdays, although small in number, we have great discussions and insights for all.


At the end of October, we had the new area Bishop, The Rt. Rev. Riscylla Shaw come to the combined service with a wonderful lunch following.  There was a great deal of fellowship and good will.


Christ Church, Campbellford


We began the Natural Church Development Program with the questionnaire in the Fall, (0-Our first cycle,) and the results, which were encouraging.

Empowering leadership Leaders empower others for Ministry Leaders let go of responsibility and let God’s energy be seen in other members. Pastors need to be both goal and relationship oriented.

Gift-oriented ministry People are able to recognize and use their God-given talents and Spiritual gifts for ministry both inside the church and in the local community.

Passionate spirituality Christians in these congregations are “on fire” (Spirit filled). They have a genuine relationship with God. People’s lives are committed to their faith. They are enthusiastic and joyful.

Functional structures the structure in a healthy church promotes growth rather than hinders it. This book suggests that department heads may work best, recommending that a co-leader (or a person in training) also be an automatic part of the structure. The right person for each job is one who has the appropriate Spiritual gift.

Inspiring worship service Spirit-filled worship with the people thoroughly involved in the services.

Holistic small groups Groups are to go beyond study and discussion to applying God’s message to daily life. Small groups are the place where Christianity can really be practiced. Groups multiply by having the co-leaders form two separate groups after a time. Each new group invites new participants and selects an additional co-leader.

Need-oriented evangelism the pastor knows which 10% of the congregation have the gift of evangelism and encourage them to make use of it. She/he also encourages all members to individually share Christ with those they do know. Evangelism efforts should be focused on the person’s questions and needs. Congregation wide efforts would take the energy of the people’s interests and the community’s needs and redirect them to God’s ways.

Loving relationships this is the experience of Christian love, not just talking about it. Examples include spending time together, compliments, being aware of personal problems, and laughter.

Our highest essential quality was Empowering leadership and our lowest was Passionate spirituality.  It is not unusual for parishes, particularly Anglican to be low in Passionate spirituality.  But overall, we were fairly high in all eight and with a workable difference between the high and low. With this in mind, we were encouraged to work on one quality at a time. Thus we are beginning our Wardens’ and Advisory meetings with the talking stick, when we go around the circle and say what is happening that week in our lives if we so desire, and a second time of expressing prayers if we wish. The prayer time tends to be for the people and issues mentioned in the check in the first time around the circle. The service for healing was also part of the way of improving our passionate spirituality. Thanks to the committee who made this all happen; Piet Goemans, John Moroz, Sandy Philp, Marlene Dooher and our facilitator from Brighton, Val Whalley and all who answered the questionnaire.

There have been some program changes this year, a loss and a gain. Pallets in the Park, was an event in Old Mill Park which replaced the Waterfront Festival, and we provided food in the park for the event.

We began the School Breakfast Program in October, but due to change in regulations re: Teacher supervision of the program and the school now having a kitchen on the premises, the Breakfast program was moved to the school.  A few of our volunteers are assisting with the program. We have had some changes in leadership over the year; Connie and Glen Woodcock moved away to be near family. 

They departure meant we had to find others to become involved in activities in the church….

Connie was both head of the Altar Guild, Server and Lay Delegate to Synod. Glen was Rector’s Warden and Cemetery Co-ordinator. Both Connie and Glen were members of the Choir.

We have new leadership and involvement; John Moroz moved from Deputy Rector’s Warden to Rector’s Warden.  Ann Chambers was elected Deputy People’s Warden.  Joy, as Alternate Synod Delegate went to the Diocesan Synod. Jocelyn Williams became head of the Altar Guild and Kevin Alstrup agreed to be Cemetery Co-ordinator. Also but not related to Connie and Glen leaving, Mary-Lou Steinmann became the Screening in Faith Co-ordinator. Edythe Chard is not going to continue as Deputy Rector’s Warden, after being involved in some Warden’s role for a number of years.  Her experience will be missed, as the team is relatively new as Wardens or Warden here at Christ Church.  A replacement for Edythe has of yet, not been found.

We also saw and mourn the passing this year of: Janice Gordon, Bert Whitfield and Helen Ryan our prayers go out to all their families.

St. George, Hastings:

We continued most of our activities this year, with some changes. We will no longer be involved in cooking at Hoard Station and we did not have the Ducky Races this year either, but new are the teas organized by Nicole Ellwood and Dianne Smith.  They organized two last year (the second was hampered by the Hasting construction which prevented access to the from entrance to the church and confusing detours.) They are planning four this year with a portion of the proceeds going to a charity.

Thanks to the Lay Readers; Dianne Smith and Nancy DeKuyper who led Morning Prayer and preached one  on the first and one on the third Sunday, of the month when I was at Roseneath. And when Nancy was in Hasting she also preached in Campbellford that Sunday.

I understand Amy Levesque will not head our Sunday School this coming year; she and her daughters will be joining us in Church.

St James, Roseneath:

We continue to work together and care for one another.  It seems our prayer list is longer than the numbers in church on Sundays.  It was mentioned that for the first time in its history, St. James had only one row of people and the altar rail for communion.

Thanks to Ross, Alison and Alan who run the computer on Sundays and Mark who continues to install the hymns in the computer to play the organ we have music and sometimes choirs to accompany or singing. Richard was able to come with me or drive to take Christmas communions to our shut-ins and those in hospital etc. both in and around Roseneath and in Cobourg.

We celebrated the Roseneath Fair Service again this year with The Rev. Jamie York and the United Church, the last Sunday in September.  In a previous year we had a sheep, and others the dogs to bless for the Blessing of the Animals part of the service.  This past Fair was the first time dogs were not allowed in the fair.  Also, the day of the Fair it was so hot that those in attendance were all on one side, sitting in the shade, because it was too hot in the sun.

We did have one significant funeral this year with the passing of Theodore McCracken, who will be sorely missed, and our condolences to Shirley and Alan and the family. 

The Whole Parish:

I would be remiss if I did not mention Drew Simpson, our Parish Administrator, who does so much for all three congregations which saves me in particular a great deal of work and concern. Thanks to one and all and I won’t mention you all by name, as this report is long enough, (And I will leave someone out of this but.) 

Thanks to all Wardens, and Deputies, all members of Advisory Boards, Treasurers, Altar Guilds and ACW members, Organists, and those who are in the Choirs and otherwise help with music, Lay Readers and Readers and Intercessors and Administers of Communion and all those who wear multiple hats and do so much behind the scenes when no one is watching.

Thanks to the Rev Steve Smith who led services for me while on I was on holidays as well as the Rev Canon Byron Yates, who was able to celebrate on July 9th at Christ Church and St. George for the last time.  Little did we know that he would be diagnosed with a brain tumor after that and we mourn his passing and offer our prayers and support to Sandy and family.

Maybe we are sent to be together to bring peace and a sense of being there for each other through these times of concern for individuals and for us as a whole community.  The events like the Combined Services and the Bible Study as well as support from all three congregations for any of our social events.  We do break bread together in various ways.  Let us not only continue to recognize our need for one another, but that we are better for the sharing and caring for one another and the people in the communities we serve.

We may question the value we bring, but in the power of the Divine Spirit we are great support for one another. Given the relative smaller size of our congregations not only is mutual support for all three crucial, but each of us is invaluable to both bring and receive peace and support from each other.

It is not by accident that the dismissal I use is: Let us go in peace to love and serve the Lord, in serving one another.

And my final prayer for all of us together.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem:

‘May they prosper who love you.  

Peace be within your walls,
and security within your towers.’  Psalm 122:6, 7