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From the Rector's Study

Rev. Bryce Sangster


We spend so much of our lives trying to fix and deal with the glass half empty parts of our lives that we never seem to dare to take the time to give thanks for the glass half full parts of our lives.


I am reminded of the true story a priest told about taking confession.  A fellow kept coming to this priest over and over again confessing the same sins, until the priest asked him, for the next time, to tell him three things he liked about himself before he told him his sins. So what do we give thanks for, what makes our hearts sing?


For me there are the ones we all seem to have something in common about, ie: Family, spouse, child or children and grandchildren, but others have more unique to me and my situation. And what I am thankful for, which may be different from you, but remind you of other things which you enjoy and for which you can give thanks.


My enjoyment around preaching, and our enjoyment about being here, and how we continue to be treated, and the general atmosphere here. The new computer and cell phone.


Even with the bridge, giving thanks I am not driving in Toronto virtually every day.  Walking the dog, without the leash most times and most of the time by the water, and meeting the other dogs and people giving my dog treats.


What are you thankful for?


Thanksgiving is always both about giving thanks for ourselves and our lives as individuals and in relationship with others in family and community.


May you have a blessed Thanksgiving in your heart of hearts and in your time with loved ones both far and near.  

Rev. Bryce Sangster